3D Models used in backgrounds:

12 Buildings by raytrace []

Anteroom by ahmad maad []

Bamboo by YellowPanda []

Bathroom by nacimus []

Bedroom Furniture by SirOccor []

Break-Time! Cycles by Jay-Artist []

City Cyles by ericblender7 []

Coffee maker by Andrew Kator & Jennifer Legaz

Computer by SONGKRO []

Country-Kitchen by Jay-Artist []

Desk by DeNapes []

Desk by tokabilitor []

Entertainment Set by Ninja2fast []

Executive Office Furniture by MimingApe []

Green Room by oldtimer []

Hawk Logo by JonFreer []

High Poly Fountain by pndrdm []

Horse Basemesh by Gwinna []

Interior Scene by oldtimer []

Kitchen Herbs by b2przemo []

Landscape by HUB3RT28 by Hoboo []

Living Room by r3m1xx35 []

Living Room Daylook by babydarling []

Paneled Room Revisited by Wig42 []

Polaroid Camera by PandaPawz151 []

Room Animestyle by eVo.PerfecT []

Sakura’s Stage by ucupumar []

Seat! by Zero4mike []

Seat! 2.0 by Zero4mike []

Small Bookstack by hansberickson []

Sofa by ozzlennon []

Suburban Street by danan []

Succulent Plant by Nmn9 []

Sunset City by FelipeDR []

Swan Ornament by Wig42 []

Tulips by nad451 []

Wheel Chair by bgamage []


“BOOM” []

“Bye Bye Hello” [Dova-Syndrome]

“cdk – Sunday” by cdk

“Danger Storm” by Kevin MacLeod (

“Haretahiha Kousin” [Music is VFR]

“Inaka No Daisougen” [Music is VFR]

“Kuuhaku To Seizyaku” [Music is VFR]

“Sokoniai Wo Hitohira” [Music is VFR]

Various songs from [Dova-Syndrome]: the list will be updated


Cellphone Pick Up Sound 07 []

Clock Ticking Effect 04 []

Coffee Cup Sound Effect 02 []

Door Knock Sound Effect 3 []

Footsteps Sound Effect 02 []

Glass Door 1 Open []

Phone Pick Up 3 []

Blop Sound by Mark DiAngelo []

Bounce by Mike Koenig []

Door Close by Caroline Ford []

Door Unlock by by Mike Koenig []

Heartbeat by Mike Koenig []

Home Phone Ringing by Mike Koenig []

Horned Owl by Mike Koenig []

Kung Fu Punch by Mike Koenig []

Realistic Punch by Mark DiAngelo []

Scary Ambiance by Mike Koenig []

Ting by Popup Pixels []

Walking On Gravel by by Caroline Ford []

Woosh by Mark DiAngelo []

Running in Fall Forest by Taira Komori

Various sounds from []: the list will be updated

Game Logo idea by ds-sans []